“Back to” January

Jan. 23, 2017: Enjoying the milder weather that we’ve had lately? We even reached the middle 50’s over the weekend, but that all goes away this week.

Here’s the pattern we’ve seen lately, though cooler air has already started to sneak into the region.

Cold Blast 2

The jet stream flips to out of the northwest by midweek, pushing in much colder air from Canada.

Cold Blast 2

Those chillier conditions should arrive by the second half of this week, pushing highs back down into the 20’s to 30’s, which is where we typically are for highs this time of year.

normal jan

During the transition, rain mixed with snow is expected to fall between Tuesday night and Wednesday night.


We should mainly see rain since we do not cool off that quickly, though minor snow accumulations of around 1/2″ are possible Wednesday night. It will look and feel like winter again by Thursday!



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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on January 23, 2017

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