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January 10, 2017: Temperatures are much more tolerable now that conditions are hovering above 0° C instead of 0° F (so 32° F vs 0° F), but there are a few issues we’ll be dealing with during the rest of the week.

freezing rain explainer

Even if the atmosphere is above freezing above us, as long as we are at or a little below the freezing mark, freezing rain will make roads and sidewalks slippery, and ice over everything else. The rain itself doesn’t freeze until it reaches the surface, freezing on contact. To avoid all this, either we have to be above freezing near the ground for rain or stay below freezing to give us snow.

Midwest RPM 4km Hi-Res with fronts

The next chance for freezing rain and icy roads is Wednesday evening. Another storm system whips through the region, producing rain Wednesday afternoon since the atmosphere is warm enough. As temperatures cool and colder air moves in with the system, we’ll be below freezing at the surface, creating the potential icy rainfall for much of the evening and night.

DMA 24hr RPM 4K Ice Accumulation

The good news? The situation appears to be mostly drizzly during the time when we are below freezing, so the icing on the roads may not amount to much. Futuretrack, for now, shows minor amounts of ice accumulation, but remember, this may change as we get closer to the event.

winter weather advisory

In summary: beware that roads may be icy again Wednesday night, and plan accordingly. If you do have to be out and about, take it easy on the roads (slow down, and do not break or steer sharply). We’ll be dry for a longer stretch from Thursday morning through Friday night, then snow may pop up by the weekend. We’ll have more on that the closer we are to the weekend.



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