Locked In with the Cold

January 3, 2017: So much for easing into 2017! Temperatures are dropping like a stone, and will stay below 20° into the weekend.

big drop2

Highs were near 40° through much of Tuesday, yet once the cold air hit Tuesday evening, temperatures plummeted. We’ll be 30° colder by Wednesday morning compared to Tuesday morning, and 20° colder when comparing the highs for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Cold Blast1

The polar jet stream is carving well down south, allowing Arctic air to spill into a good chunk of the country.

Cold Blast2

The coldest day of this latest cold snap looks to be Thursday as the center of the cold air pool spirals in.

wind chills

During this stretch, prepare for wind chill values between 0° and -10°. Plan accordingly this week, though the cold won’t be as dangerous as last time. These conditions can be harsh at times, and if you are not careful and stuck outside for a while, frostbite is possible. However, this won’t be as bad as the Arctic outbreak from mid-December, when frostbite was a threat within 30 minutes.

Cold Blast3

We’ll still be locked into the frigid conditions by Saturday, though note the ridge starting to push in to the west; we’ll see milder air arrive and give us relief from the harsh cold by the end of the weekend.

Stay warm, folks!



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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on January 3, 2017

Big (Temperature) Changes

We’ve started off the new year on a mild note, but what does the month of January usually have in store for us in the Stateline? On average for the month, our high temperatures are just below 30° and our low temperatures are in the low teens. This is usually our coldest month of the year. While we normally see about 10 inches or so of snow in January, the “snowiest” month, on average, is December.


2017 has begun with above average temperatures. High temperatures Sunday and Monday were 39° in Rockford, and upper 30’s across the Stateline. These temperatures were almost 10° above average. This trend, however, will not continue for much longer. A cold front will slip through the area Tuesday, resulting in a more than 20° temperature drop throughout the day. While we will wake up Tuesday to temperatures in the mid-to-upper 30’s, we’ll by near single digits come Wednesday morning. The coldest air settles in Wednesday and is here to stay until the weekend.


Get ready to bundle up again!



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This post was written by Viki Knapp on January 2, 2017