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January 6, 2017: This week’s cold snap wasn’t the worst we’ve had this winter, but it does stack up in a couple areas. All the more reason that “warmer” weather soon will feel like a heat wave.

For starters, we had the coldest day of this winter, so far (still plenty of time to go!), beating Dec. 15th, by 1°.

not the coldest

The last blast of Arctic air, however, was definitely colder and longer than this round of bitter air. We’ve so far only had one night below zero, and we barely made it there. The last go-round featured several night, with a few of those in the teens below zero.

coldest 2016-17

Regardless of which cold snap was worse, we could use a little warmth, right? It arrives in a sense this weekend, and we’ll definitely feel it next week. Here’s the pattern we’ve had this week:

Cold Blast 2


Look at how far south the cold air makes it! Temperatures were in the 30’s today as far south as Mississippi, and that’s definitely cold for them! They’ll be dealing with a few inches of snow into the weekend.

Cold Blast2

The pattern reverses course by next week, with the polar jet stream retreating north, and southwest winds aloft driving in much warmer air. In face, we may see mostly rain next Tuesday since the weather will be warm enough for that by then.

Just a few more days, folks!



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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on January 6, 2017

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