Soggy January, But Not the Wettest

January 19, 2017: This week has felt a lot more like spring than winter, but that’s how it goes sometimes in January.

We have seen a lot of rain as a result instead of snow, with a lot of that water running off and flooding streets, or sitting in your backyard and creating a muddy, soggy mess. In both cases, the frozen ground isn’t letting the water soak in.

If you are curious, while things seem extra soggy, this definitely won’t be the wettest January on record, at least not yet. We are above average for the month by a half inch, and we may add to that total with 12 days left to the month. We can chalk this particular January up to being wetter than normal. Looking at some of the wettest January’s on record, however, we don’t even crack the top 25. In fact, if the month ended today, we’d only be at 33rd (records date from 1906 to 2016)!


The wettest January on record for Rockford was in 1947, when 5.8″ of precipitation fell! That’s the water equivalent, meaning we saw plenty of snow that winter too. Unfortunately, data is missing for that January, so we don’t know just how much snow fell that month at this time.

Overall, it’s been soggy, but as we can see, it isn’t the wettest ever, yet, or even in the top group. We’d have to see over 3″ of precipitation before we can start that discussion.



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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on January 19, 2017

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