The spring-like February continues…

It wouldn’t be ‘February 2017’ if we didn’t end the month with temperatures WAY above average, right?

Today will be calm and quiet. Winds will stay around (or under) 10 mph out of the south and for the most part, we’ll see sunshine. Temperatures will top out in the lower 50s.

We’ll add to the warmth on Tuesday and we’ll ditch the quiet conditions.

An area of low pressure will push out of the Plains and into the Midwest, which will bring us a few showers late tonight and possible a few thunderstorms after midnight. These thunderstorms look non-severe but may give a few heavy downpours. We’ll likely see a few light and very widely-scattered rain showers on the first half of Tuesday.

Things get a bit more active come Tuesday afternoon and evening.

Warm and moist air surges in on Tuesday afternoon (temperatures near 60 and dew points in the 50s) with very strong winds high above us and an incoming cold front. Together, these could pop a few strong or severe thunderstorms in our area. An early, general time-frame says we should watch for those storms between 4PM and 9PM. We will narrow that time-frame as we get closer to tomorrow evening.

A Storm Outlook shows areas near Little Rock, St. Louis, and Springfield have the highest chance for severe storms. Our risk is considered low, though we’ll keep a closer eye on the areas between I-80 and north of there near I-88.


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This post was written by Morgan Kolkmeyer on February 27, 2017

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    These thunderstorms appearance non-severe but might also deliver a few heavy downpours. Those could pop some strong or severe thunderstorms in our region. Springfield have the highest risk for extreme storms.

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