Winter Weekend and Snow Thoughts

March 10, 2017: With a chill in the air, conditions feel a little more like winter again, and will stay that way throughout the weekend and into early next week. We are on the north side of the jet stream, which is giving us a little dose of colder air from Canada and the Arctic.

This will keep wind chill values in the single digits for at least another night.

Wind chill forecast for Friday night, March 10

It may look a lot like winter again by Monday. A snow storm is likely on the way for early next week.

Futuretrack model for Sunday evening, valid Friday night, March 10

Snow has been in the forecast all week, though as we get closer and closer to Monday, the picture is getting clearer. Lately, weather models have been trending the low responsible for our snow farther to the north, putting us under the heaviest portion of the forecasted snow, for now.

Futuretrack model for Monday, valid Friday night, March 10

If the storm track continues to trend northward, we may see the heaviest portion of snow staying away from us, but there hasn’t been much change in that direction yet.

Since there are a few uncertainties still, stay tuned for a more definite snow forecast over the weekend. What does look certain is a few inches of snow, over a 24-hour period, kicking in Sunday night and possibly lasting to Monday night.

Dust off the shovels!



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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on March 10, 2017

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