Yep, More Spring Showers

March 28, 2017: We just had a fairly rainy weekend, yet believe it or not, we could use a little more rain in the area.

Despite seeing over 1/2″ of rainfall for much of the Stateline, we are below average so far this month and so far this spring.

The reason why? Despite being snowier than the last few months, this past weekend was our first real rain of the season. Snow doesn’t hold as much moisture, so we overall are behind schedule for liquid precipitation (vs frozen).

There is still plenty of springtime to go to make up for the deficit. This week gives us more chances for spring showers.

Futuretrack shows the rain arriving tomorrow evening, mostly in the form of lighter showers.

As an area of low pressure pushes closer, we may get a few downpours or thundershowers Thursday morning. Rain looks to stick with us for much of Thursday in an on/off fashion, similar to what we saw on Saturday. This may get us closer to average by the end of the week.



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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on March 28, 2017

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