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April 12, 2017: There wouldn’t be the phrase “April showers bring May flowers” if it weren’t somewhat true! Barely 2 weeks into April, and we are already nearly 3/4″ above average in Rockford for rainfall, with more on the way over the rest of the week.


Futuretrack valid April 12, 2017, forecast for Thursday morning

The first round arrives overnight with mainly light rain showers, yet there could be a few moderate to heavier showers in play by Thursday morning. The rain should mostly dry up by the end of Thursday morning, though occasional sprinkles are possible between Thursday night and Friday morning.

Futuretrack valid April 12, 2017, forecast for Friday evening

Our second chance for rain comes Friday evening. Scattered thunderstorms are possible throughout the evening and overnight Friday night. These will be hit-or-miss, so some locations may get more rain than others.

Futuretrack valid April 12, 2017, forecast for Saturday night

Finally, most of Saturday looks dry, yet a line of showers and thunderstorms looks to brew up Saturday night. The rain should be gone by Easter Sunday morning, but keep the overnight rain in mind if you are planning on an Easter picnic (i.e. the lawns and parks may be a little wet Sunday morning).

Futuretrack valid April 12, 2017, rainfall forecast through Sunday morning

Another 1″ of rain is possible between these 3 rounds of rainfall through Saturday night. That will add to our impressive totals this month, where we are already 1″ above average for the Spring. While all of this rain may not line up well with our day-to-day plans, here’s a silver lining: our lawns and gardens will be staying green and happy!



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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on April 12, 2017

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