Wet, Windy Wednesday

April 4, 2017: We get to see all that spring weather can offer (minus severe thunderstorms) in one storm system! The next storm hits Wednesday morning and lasts through Thursday, and looks to provide drenching rainfall, strong winds, and a little snow.

The wet weather starts off Wednesday morning with heavy rainfall, and we’ll primarily see rain through this storm. However, from time to time, snow showers will mix in or completely take over for a while. The storm may struggle to produce snow in the late morning, but that will be one of the windows for snowfall.

The other window looks to be more “open”, occurring during Wednesday night when conditions are a little cooler. This is when we may see the snow stick a little and accumulate on the lawns and fields in the area. Roads look to be just a bit too warm for the snow to pile up.

This storm is interesting in that it will have to produce its own cold air to create snow. The system happens to be powerful enough to do this. It will produce enough “lift” through the atmosphere to cool the clouds off, producing snow rather than rain. The heavier snowfall rates will also help the snow reach the ground and pile up faster than the warm surface air and warm ground can melt it. Unlike in the winter, this storm as A LOT of moisture to work with; typically winter storms have to deal with much drier air, as we all know how dry the winters can be on our skin.

On the flip side, all of the warmer air in place will help counteract a lot of this snow, which is why accumulations may only get to 1″. Most of the rest of the time, the snow is melting before it gets to the ground (falling as rain), or melting and not accumulating because of the warmer conditions. The strong lift through the atmosphere is key too; if that doesn’t pan out, no or very little snow will fall.

Regardless of how much snow we may see, 1″ to 2″ or more of rain is possible, which may cause some minor flooding and ponding of water on the roads. Drive carefully tomorrow! Lots of water will be all over the Stateline, between rain and melting snow!



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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on April 4, 2017

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