When does spring frost finally end?

April 14, 2017: If you’re getting your garden ready for the spring, you are probably aware that frost may still be an issue for a while. How much longer until it won’t? The short answer: we have a few weeks, if this is an average year.

The last freeze of the season usually doesn’t come until the end of this month, so be ready for a freeze, just in case. We can see the last freeze come as early as the beginning of this month, so there’s a chance we may be done with freezing weather until fall, but that’s not likely yet.

Once we get past the last freeze, the last round of frost comes a few weeks later. That typically doesn’t wrap up until the middle of May, but again, it can come pretty early.

Check out the latest spring frosts and freezes on record. Can you imagine still getting freezing weather as late as June?! Yikes! Or rather, brrrr!

What will happen this spring? We’ve had warmer than average weather for a while, and that doesn’t look to stop anytime soon. I would think the last freeze and last frost of the spring may come early this year, but I don’t think either will be record breaking. Best advice? Plan ahead for a few more frosty nights just in case.



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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on April 14, 2017

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