Holiday weekend outlook

May 24, 2017: Memorial Day Weekend is approaching fast, and of course, there’s a little rain in the forecast. The details are still being fleshed out, but plan on occasional rain showers this weekend.

Outlook for the holiday weekend (valid May 24, 2017)

The rain chances start with a round of potential showers starting late Friday morning. Here is an example on Futuretack on how one model looks for the weekend:

GFS model valid May 24, 2017 for Friday. Situation may change closer to Friday.

There is some disagreement among the models about whether the rain will hit or miss us; most of the models are agreeing on a dry Friday evening, which bodes well for travelers and City Market go-er’s alike.

GFS model valid May 24, 2017 for Saturday. Situation may change closer to Saturday.

Saturday, for now, looks dry for much of the day, but a round of heavy showers and storms is possible for Saturday evening. Again, the picture will get clearer on if and when the storms hit the area, but have a back-up plan or a dry location in mind for Saturday evening, just in case.

GFS model valid May 24, 2017 for Monday. Situation may change closer to Monday.

Sunday is looking dry for now, then there are low chances for scattered rainfall on Memorial Day as temperatures cool off. We’ll be in the middle 70’s for much of the weekend, then dropping to the upper 60’s on Monday. ¬†We’ll have updates as the forecast evolves throughout the week!



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