New week brings spotty showers and a cool, stubborn pattern

May 29, 2017: The weather has been pretty nice lately, and timed out well with the holiday weekend. We just can’t seem to shake the slightly cool weather pattern, with more cooler-than-average days coming this week.

For starters, spotty rain showers will be the theme the next few evenings. An upper level low is parked over Canada north of Lake Superior, driving a lot of the weather we’ll see through Thursday. Wrinkles in the jet stream are riding around the upper low like spokes on a bicycle wheel, kicking up almost daily chances for quick showers. One “spoke” is riding through tonight, with another arriving tomorrow. We won’t see much rain from all of this, but this is the reason we see a little rain in the forecast through Tuesday.

This pattern also keeps our temperatures down a little through Thursday. The pattern is called an “omega blocking pattern” since it looks like the Greek letter Omega. The omega shape forces weather systems to go north and south rather than the usual east and west, “blocking” any changes to our weather pattern. That means the colder air stays in place for us for now, while the warmer weather shoots into the Rockies. We’ll see this slow moving pattern slide out by the end of Thursday, providing some “average” weather in the middle 70’s by Friday.



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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on May 29, 2017

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