Lots of May Flowers Ahead?

May 1, 2017: If April showers truly do bring May flowers, we may not be able to see anything but flowers on the ground!

April 2017 will enter the record books as the 5th rainiest April on record. Rockford would’ve had to see another 3″ of rain to beat out the top spot on record (9.92″ in 1973). Still, over 7″ of rain isn’t anything to laugh at; that value is over double the amount of rain seen during an average April. In fact, last week had almost the same amount of rain as an average April. Impressive!

All of this excess rain is causing some flooding issues. The Rock River through Ogle and Lee counties, plus the Kishwaukee River near Belvidere and Cherry Valley will be running extra high for the rest of the week. While flooding isn’t likely on these rivers, the high waters can have some local impacts, so keep an eye on the conditions if you leave near the river. The rivers rose by nearly 3 feet over the weekend after 2″ fell between Saturday and Sunday.

What’s ahead for May? The Climate Prediction Center shows equal chances for dry or wet weather for our area (a.k.a. near average, for now). Iowa has a good chance to be drier than usual, so some of that may bleed over into our neck of the woods. The CPC has in their short term forecast drier than average weather though the middle of the month. This forecast, if it pans out, may come at a good time, giving us a break from the wet weather for a while. May averages a hair over 4″ of rain for the month, or a touch wetter than April usually is.

The CPC also has cooler than average weather for us over this month, so the cool portion of the cool, rainy pattern we’ve been in may not go away for a while. This doesn’t mean the 40’s and 50’s like we saw for a lot of the end of April, but the weather may not get into the 70’s or warmer as often as temperatures usually do around this time of year.



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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on May 1, 2017