Putting a bow on May

May 31, 2017: That’s a wrap for May!

While there were a handful of warm days, the month ultimately ended up a little below average for temperatures.

May also marks the end of meteorological spring. May wasn’t as rainy as April, but we had enough wet weather to vault us into the top ten for wettest Springs on record.

Looking ahead to June, the Climate Prediction Center shows our area as likely staying near average for temperatures. Heading south and west, below average weather is possible from southern Illinois into spots in Iowa.

Some of those same areas could see a wetter than average June. For the Stateline, the region should stay near average for rainfall as well.

So, what’s average for June? Here’s a list of average highs and rainfall amounts. We should stay near these values each day. If we do see well above average weather, it may be countered with below average weather to equal us out. This summer is supposed to be warmer than average for us, so look for hotter weather potentially in July and August!







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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on May 31, 2017

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