Summer 2017 Outlook

May 22, 2017: Now that there’s less than 10 days left in May, let’s look ahead to the summer! Meteorological summer starts up June 1, with the official start of summer on June 20.

The current outlook by the Climate Prediction Center shows that we could be in for a warmer summer than usual. Most of the Midwest looks to be at least a little above average, unless you visit Minnesota, western Wisconsin, or Iowa.

That means we may get many more days in the middle to upper 80’s, if not the 90’s. For reference, Rockford usually sees 15 days in the 90’s each year, on average. The last 3 summer have been below that mark, though 2015 and 2016 only missed by a few days. Nighttime temperatures may be closer to 70 degrees than they usually are. Fans of a hot summer may get their wish, but this also means higher energy bills as we may be running our A/C or fans more often.

Does this mean we’ll have a blazing hot summer? Likely not. We may see see a few more high 80° to 90° days than we usually do. The chances for a blazing hot summer increase the farther east you go, where the East Coast may be looking at a potential scorcher.

The Climate Prediction Center is also showing a near average summer for rainfall, which is around 13″ for rain in Rockford. We’ve already had more rain than that this spring, with a few more rainy days to go. If we jump into the 14″ range or higher, this will easily go down as one of the top 10 wettest springs on record.



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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on May 22, 2017

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