June ends with wild weather

June 30, 2017: Summer is off to a roaring start with plenty of up and down weather for June.

For starters, the rain. Much of the month featured dry weather, with a few bouts of rain to keep the lawns just green enough. Overall, the month was staying between 1/2″ to a few inches below average…until Wednesday (June 28th). That’s when nearly a month’s worth of rain fell in about 4 hours, producing major flash flooding across the Stateline, including near downtown Rockford. June averages 4.65″ of rainfall; the official rainfall recording for Rockford was 4.11″, one of the highest one-day totals on record for June.

The heat was another story. The last few summers have not featured many days in the 90’s, with last summer being the exception (we had a near average amount). 6 days in a row in the 90’s gave Summer 2017 a head start on getting the usual amount of hot days. For reference, Rockford averages about 15 days in the 90’s over the summer. We ended a little above average overall for the month, putting June 2017 at about 23rd place in the top 25 hottest June’s on record.

Looking ahead, how’s July shaping up? Temperatures should stay near average, and same for precipitation (can’t rule out a one-day deluge like we saw this month!). The first several days of the month feature great summer weather: not too hot, not too humid, with plenty of dry time. We may see a few thunderstorms Sunday evening, so be aware of that.

Have a great holiday weekend, everyone!



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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on June 30, 2017

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