Avoid the heat, but not the storms

July 17, 2017: The heat gets cranked back up again this week, but not to the point where we have very hot and humid conditions on the way. We can thank an active pattern full of chances for storms for keeping us cooler. The rain and clouds should help keep temperatures down, but the humidity will be high regardless of the storms or not.

We will be right on the edge of a “heat dome”, or an expansive area of upper level high pressure that will cook a good portion of the West. Some spots in central and southern Illinois will feel its effects, with heat index values over 100° for a few days in a row.

Because we’ll be on the edge of the dome, storms will spark up and be fed by the hot and humid conditions trying to enter our area. We may get a few rounds of strong or even severe weather or heavy rainfall, but the frequent storms keep the temperatures down. If they track farther to the north or the boundary of the heat dome pushes further towards us, we may see those hot conditions this week. For now, the forecast in our area keeps us a little cooler but stormy.

The most likely times for storms are listed below. Remember, this isn’t a guarantee that storms will track through exactly during those periods, but you get a sense as to when storms may arrive:

Saturday could also feature a few storms during the day, especially during the morning. By Sunday and Monday, the weather cools off and looks to be more comfortable too with less humidity.



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This post was written by Alex Kirchner on July 17, 2017

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