Amazing Video: Roof Collapse in Washington State

Check out this video of a roof collapse in McCleary, Washington.

According to KREM-TV, the collapse occurred due to the weight of water from Thursday’s heavy rain. A witness said part of the roof was sloped at the Simpson Door Company. That pushed the rain onto a flat part of the roof.

No one was injured.



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Northern Lights Shine Bright

A few days ago, a sunspot released a coronal mass ejection that hit the Earth’s magnetic field on Thursday.  The impact was a bit weaker than forecasted, however, the Northern Light display was just amazing and I wanted to share a few pictures that were posted on These pictures were taken inIcelandandFinland.  The one that amazes me the most is the one fromIceland.  When taking pictures of the Northern Lights, a longer film exposure is required. A typical exposure is about 4-6 seconds.  The one fromIcelandwas only a second, which means the auroras were really bright.


As this display of lights fade, forecasters are preparing for another possible X-class (strongest) solar flare on Friday.  The sunspot is almost facing the Earth, so if it erupts, another light display is likely.  I hope that this time we will be able to see the lights.  We will keep you posted!  



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Next time these folks will see the sun? January 24th!

Imagine living your life in total darkness through January. Personally, I can’t. Even though our days are shortening between now and December 21st, at least we will have many hours of sunlight. Compare that to Barrow, Alaska, the city at the top of the state. Tomorrow, they will enjoy 77 minutes of sunlight. However by Sunday, they will only receive 15 minutes of sun as the sun skirts on the southern horizon. Early next week, the southern sky will get a little lighter in the middle of the night…then it’s complete darkness!

The sun won’t officially rise until January 24th, 2012.

Here is a live look from Barrow, Alaska. If you’re lucky this weekend you’ll see something other than the few street lights along the street that is along the shore of the Arctic Ocean. -ES



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Hang on!

Sunday’s temperatures surged into the 70s as close as Chicago with middle 60s areawide. Today, we still topped out in the middle 50s. The morning rain showers and clouds kept us from seeing 60s but we still topped out in the middle 50s.

We’ll be warm again tomorrow with a gusty south wind ahead of a cold front. This should get most locations to around 60 degrees once again!

However, a cold front arrives for Tuesday evening and this one means business! We’ll have highs in the lower 40s for both Wednesday and Thursday. However, that southerly wind will come back for Friday and Saturday. This yields 50s for Friday and 60s on Saturday.

Depending on the timing of the weekend cold front, there could be some strong storms as there’s plenty of cold air behind this front which will bring us back into the 40s for highs.

Quite the whirlwind of weather in just a week’s time, don’t you think? -ES


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100 Year Anniversary: The Great “Blue Norther”

It was 100 years ago today that the United States was affected by a powerful cold wave.  A major storm system was moving through the Central Plains on November 11, 1911 creating unseasonably warm temperatures.  Highs in Rockford that day reached into the mid 70s.  However, drastic changes were about to happen, because the cold front associated with the storm system was separating extremely cold arctic air on the west side of the low-pressure.  Temperatures in Nebraska were in the lower teens while Rockford was in the 70s.  As the cold front approached the Midwest, severe storms started to form along the front producing damaging winds, hail, and even tornadoes.  An F4 tornado struck Janesville,Wisconsin, killing 9 people and injuring many.  Within hours after the tornado hit, snow started to fall along with the temperatures.  Areas around the Midwest went from the 70s to the 40s in just a couple of hours.  By morning, people were waking up with temperatures in the low teens and even single digits.  The low in Rockford on November 12, 1911, was 12 degrees.  Temperatures rebounded that afternoon into the lower 50s, however by the 13th; highs were in the upper 20s.


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Time to Change the Clocks!

It’s that time of year where we go around our homes and change every clock we have back one hour. It is also a good time to change batteries in smoke detectors, weather radios, and carbon-monoxide detectors.   Daylight saving time ends on Sunday (tomorrow) at 2a.m., so before you go to bed tonight, go around and change your clocks back.  This transition from standard time to daylight saving time has the effect to move one hour of daylight from morning to evening. Now, it is time to move that hour back to the morning.  The sunrise this morning was at 7:34am.  Tomorrow the sun will rise at 6:35am.  However, we took the hour from the evening.  Therefore, the sun will set tomorrow at 4:44pm, meaning on Monday when you watch 13 News at 6, it will be completely dark outside.  The rules of daylight saving time were recently changed back in 2007.  The new changes were a part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 to help with energy consumption.


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Nor’easter Slams East Coast

An out of season nor’easter is slamming the East Coast this weekend causing 1.5 million people to be without power.  Storms like this one usually happen in January or February, not the end of October. Nor’easters produce torrential rains, gusty winds and heavy wet snow that cancel flights and down power lines and tree branches.  More than 1,000 flights have been cancelled and there will be more to come as this system intensifies overnight and into Sunday.  The heaviest snowfall is forecasted for parts of Connecticut,New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.  They could more than a foot of snow when this is all done.  The pictures that are on the left are from Berkeley Springs,WV.  Woody Mott received these from a friend and was nice enough to share them with us.  4-6 inches of snow has already fallen in WV.  This nor’easter will likely break several more records across New England by Sunday.  One record was already broken in New York for the snowiest October with 1.3 inches that was measured in Central Park.


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Share your carving creations with us!

We know that most folks will be carving pumpkins this weekend! If you have an artistic creation, share it with us! Just e-mail them to and we will share them on the air!

Here are a few great ones we received just today. Good stuff! Jeanette Hammond sent us “Sour Mouth” and Aaron Rowland of Loves Park sent us a Civil War reenactment jack-o-lantern from Minooka, Illinois. -ES


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Cut/paste forecast

Ok, so I did a bit more work than just cutting and pasting, but can you tell? I don’t remember the last time I used the “clear day” icon 7 times in a row!

Stalled out high pressure will continue to bring above average fall conditions through the rest of the week with plenty of sunshine.



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UARS satellite to crash to earth soon

12:05am – There are reports of “firework-like” flashes in the sky in Northern Quebec which may be a sign it came down in Canada earlier. Will update with official word later today. If you come across any cool links or video, please pass them along to me I will be working Saturday evening and will post more information right here as I get it! -ES

11:57pm – Satellite spotted in Northern Minnesota.

11:35pm – It is quite possible that the satellite has disintegrated by now. Waiting for official confirmation from NASA.

11:28pm – The viewing opportunity here in the Midwest has ended as it travels over Newfoundland, headed southeast toward Africa. There will be some big splashes in the dark Atlantic in the next few minutes…

11:03pm – UARS satellite was visible over New Zealand. A bright glow with contrail going across sky.

11:02pm – Will approach southern Hawaiian islands in next 10 minutes.

10:54pm – The satellite is over New Zealand and will cross the Pacific Ocean within the next 15 minutes, going over Canada, and then over the Atlantic Ocean toward Africa (if it makes it that far). The demise is expected within the next hour! -ES

According to sources at NASA, the UARS satellite has begun its fiery re-entry to Earth.

This is a live stream of its current location:


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