One thing’s for sure; it’s going to be windy.

We’ve seen them before, thunderstorms (severe and non-severe) during the month of November in the Midwest. In fact, the anniversary of the 2013 Washington, Illinois tornado that took 8 lives is one week from today. In just under two weeks, we’ll pass the anniversary of the 2010 Caledonia, Illinois tornado that was responsible for snapping trees and high-tension transmission power towers.

This Wednesday looks far from those events for the Stateline, but we may get in on a few rumbles of thunder. First, let’s talk about what’s happening:

An area of low pressure is sitting over Colorado right now, and will track northeast in our neck of the woods as we get closer to Wednesday night. We should dodge most (if not, all) of the severe weather that could come along with this system.  Especially for places as far north as Rockford.

Regardless of thunderstorm activity, winds will be gusty Wednesday and Wednesday night (around 40mph without thunderstorms) through Friday. IF we generate a thunderstorm or two on Wednesday night, those winds could get strong to severe (upwards of 50 mph).

What does all of that really mean? There is a *slight* chance for thunderstorms on Wednesday night and through those overnight hours. There is a much better chance to just see some rainfall, and possibly Wind Advisory set up out of this as well.

What to expect: Rainfall
Don’t rule out: Thunderstorm with strong to severe winds

While most of the marbles add up to just seeing some rain/gusty winds, be prepared for some strong winds during those hours, especially near and south of I-88.

Because of this, the Storm Prediction Center has the Stateline area under a marginal risk for severe weather, with a few areas (including Dixon and Rochelle) under a slight risk. The biggest threat still looks to be damaging winds. The bigger threat stays to our southwest, in eastern Iowa and western Illinois. We’ll keep you posted on air and right here on the 13 Weather Authority Blog.





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Say It Ain’t Snow!

All eyes have been on a system approaching this weekend that’s set to bring us measurable snowfall.

The timing of this system seems to be pretty consistent among forecasting models. Snow should start moving into the Stateline on Saturday evening, and  continue to give us snow throughout Sunday morning, afternoon, and even through the evening. However, by the time we head into Sunday evening, we’re talkin’ light snow. Which leads me to the next point- when are we talking the heaviest snow? Starting at 12AM Sunday (midnight Saturday) and lasting through lunch on Sunday is when we’ll see the heaviest snowfall across the Stateline.

1-30-15 tiome








We won’t be seeing the heaviest snowfall out of the system. The bulk of the precipitation stays to our south, keeping us out of the “bullseye.” But don’t put the shovels away just yet! I’m anticipating 2-4″ of snow to fall across the Stateline, with places along I-88 to fall on the higher end of that spectrum. We cool down to the single digits overnight on Sunday, making way for icy conditions on your Monday commute.

1-30-15 expect








Stick with us throughout this evening and through the weekend as we continue to track this system!


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Meteorological Summer Has Arrived

It’s that time of year again! Meteorological summer begins on June 1st. After what seemed like a relentless winter and a haphazard spring, did you think we’d ever make it?

The timeframe of meteorological summer is simple; it constitutes the entire months of June, July, and August. This is the best way for meteorologists and climatologists to keep track of what are typically the warmest and wettest months of the year. Using the time period from the summer solstice to the autumnal equinox would require breaking up the months, something that is doable but less convenient!

Meteorological Summer: June 1st - August 31st

Meteorological Summer: June 1st – August 31st

Locally, our average high temperature rises into the lower-to-middle 80s. Average low temperatures are in the lower 60s for meteorological summer. However, we all know that these numbers are statistical averages from years past. We can and will have high temperatures in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and possibly 100s.

The three meteorological summer months are usually our wettest months. Summertime showers and thunderstorms bring an average of 4.65″ of rain in June, 3.95″ of rain in July, and 4.59″ of rain in August. Over one-third of our annual precipitation often falls within this one-quarter of the year. However, periods of drought or periods of excessive rainfall are not out of the ordinary here in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. In fact, we are headed into June with a spring rainfall deficit of 3.46″ believe it or not!




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Stalled Weather Pattern

Today and tomorrow are the pick of the litter when it comes to the 7Day forecast. Highs today take us up near 70 and tomorrow we top out at 60. Both days look to bring us abundant sunshine! Sunday-Wednesday settle us into a weather pattern that keeps us in the mid 50s and showery. CaptureA low pressure system will get cut off just to our southwest which will impact us in two ways. The first way will be a notheasterly wind flow that will remain consistant through that time period. The northeast breeze will pump cooler air from the Great Lakes across the Stateline. 2The second impact will be overcast cloud cover that promps scattered showers sunday-Wednesday. Long story short, get out and enjoy today and tomorrow because the following 5 days will be cooler and rainy. – Greg


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Drought Monitor

Spring is upon us. Farmers and gardeners are paying close attention to the forecast, especially this time of year. As we all know, rainfall is a key ingredient for healthy crops, fruits, vegetables, and flowers in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

Many of us begin to monitor how much rain we receive. Government agencies such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) provide weekly updates of the U.S. Drought Monitor. This tool keeps track of rainfall deficits and dry conditions across the country.

Apr. 17 Drought Monitor

Apr. 17 Drought Monitor

Thursday’s update shows that abnormally dry conditions are present in parts of our area.  A portion of northwestern Illinois roughly bounded by US Route 20 on the north, US Route 30 on the south, the Rock River on the east, and the Mississippi River on the west is drier than normal.

Rainfall Statistics

Rainfall Statistics for Meteorological Spring

While 1.71 inches of rain has fallen in Rockford during the month of April, just 1.03 inches of precipitation fell in March. Based on historical averages, we have a rainfall deficit of nearly an inch-and-a-half. This deficit is slightly higher in the area highlighted above.

We could use a little rain around here! A few showers are in the forecast for late-day Sunday and Monday, although current forecast trends give us less than a quarter-inch of rain.




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Weekend Outlook

The Easter weekend is upon us and the weather will cooperate for most of it. CaptureTomorrow will be full of sunshine and highs into the 50s. Saturday we begin to cloud up but pump up the temperatures into the low 60s! Easter Sunday brings us middle 60s and the chance for a few scattered showers, though most of those should hold off until late in the day. If you have the umbrella on standby you should be good to go! Have a great weekend! – Greg


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All in the Timing

It has been smooth sailing so far this week with highs in the 60s and plently of sunshine to go around. Aside from a few popcorn showers Monday and Tuesday, the week has been nearly picture perfect. That trend will continue as we head into the weekend, at least with respect to the comfy temps. Highs will continue to break the 60 degree mark straight through Saturday. However, we have a pretty decent shot as some scattered showers and possibly a boom of thunder during the first half of tomorrow. Capture

The big transition day comes this weekend. Our highs will try their best to make it into the upper 60s and approach 70 on Saturday, but an incoming cold front might keep us dreaming of a 70. It will be a race between the front and the temperatures. If the front wins and we begin to cloud up in the afternoon hours, the temperatures will lose and we will be capped to highs in the mid 60s. If the front holds off and we don’t see our first clouds and showers until closer to dark, 70 is looking pretty promising! – Greg


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New and Improved!

You might have noticed a different 7Day Forecast if you caught 13 News Today or 13News at Noon. We are graciously retiring the old 7Day in favor of a brand new and much easier to understand 7Day. Gone are the little suns and clouds, and in come views out your window on a given day. If you see raindrops on the window, then there is a good bet that you’ll see some on YOUR window at some point in the day (but again pay attention to the percentrages!). More raindrops means heavier rainfall is possible. You don’t have to guess what it will look like outside anymore! Graphics will represent what you are most likely to see during the afternoon of any given day. You won’t find a 7Day forecast like this on any other station in Rockford, or in the country at that matter. The 13 Weather Authority built this from scratch to give you, the best viewers Rockford has to offer, the most accurate forecast. – Greg 1


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Signs of Spring

RAINToday we will make it up to around 40 degrees, which is considerably warmer than yesterday, but still not even close to where we should be this time of the year (mid 50s). The good news is that in the next 7 days we have a few signs of spring ahead. Warmer temperatures and spring showers will both impact the Stateline. We only have two days in the next 7 that have a shot at being above average, and those will fall on Sunday and Monday when we could be up near 60 degrees. Our chances for showers and even an isolated thunderstorm or two will be tonight into tomorrow and as we head into next week on Monday. Tonight, we can expect scattered showers to settle in and don’t be caught off guard if you hear a brief rumble of thunder or two. Tomorrow, you won’t want to leave home without the umbrella because scattered showers and heavy rail will persist on and off throughout the day. – Greg


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Back & Forth

We got a little taste of spring early this week, but winter has reared its ugly head once again. Fortunately, we are settling into a pattern where the two seasons will start to battle it out with each one winning a few days at a time. Tonight will easily be the coldest night in the forecast. Our low temperatures will drop down to 9° with wind chill close to zero as you’re waking up tomorrow. A slow rebound begins tomorrow with highs in the mid 30s. CaptureFriday we set out for the low 50s once again, only to cool back into the 40s and 30s for the weekend. Next week will follow in suit with a gradual warm up to the low 50s by Tuesday. – Greg2


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