Wintry Mess on Monday

Sunday will be an uneventful day….the calm before the storm, so to speak.  Our attention is focused on Monday, when a wintry mess will push through the Midwest.  The next system to impact the Stateline will arrive in the continental United States late Sunday. It will be knocking on our door very early Monday morning.

Model trends continue to track an area of low pressure through southern Iowa, central Illinois, and central Indiana.  This track would result in mainly snow for our local area.  At the onset, this system will have to overcome dry air in our atmosphere.  As moisture from the system evaporates in our atmosphere, the air will cool until precipitation forms and falls to the ground.  As a result, a wintry mix of snow, sleet, rain, and freezing rain will be possible very early Monday morning.  Ice accumulations will be minor, if any.



As the morning quickly progresses and our atmosphere continues to cool, a change over to all snow is expected in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.  Far southern Whiteside, Lee, and DeKalb County may hang on to a wintry mix through late morning.  Temperatures will top out around 30 degrees in Rockford, upper 20s in southern Wisconsin, and lower 30s along the I-88 corridor.

There are still a few “what-if’s” with this system, including speed and exact track.  A change in the path of this system of 40 or 50 miles will change our snowfall potential.  As far as the timing goes, it appears that the bulk of this system will occur during the daylight hours of Monday.  By late afternoon, it should be on its way out. Our first look at potential snowfall shows several inches.  The highest totals will fall about 200 miles north of the center of low pressure; it appears central Wisconsin may bear the brunt of the heaviest snow (perhaps 6 inches or more). Again, should the track of the low change, snowfall totals will change.

First Look: Saturday Night Model Run

First Look: Saturday Night Model Run

We will keep you up to date as new information becomes available! What could potentially be the highest or second-highest one-day snowfall event of the winter will be followed by melting snow and above average temperatures by the middle of next week. That could be our silver lining!



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Looking Back & Ahead

January 2014 ended up with just over 15 inches of snow in Rockford. With 19 days of measurable snowfall, the piles kept adding up little by little. Even though there was no particular day with a record-breaking amount of snow, the month did enter the record books as the 14th snowiest January in history.  Snowfall was 5.1 inches more than normal.

January Re-Cap

January Re-Cap

As far as temperatures go, January 2014 will go down as the 8th coldest January in history. Our average high was 22 degrees and average low was 2 degrees, including 14 days with below zero temperatures!

Looking ahead to February, our temperature averages climb, as one would expect.  Our “normal” high on February 1st is 31 degrees, rising to 40 degrees by February 28th.  The temperature outlook, however, looks to be colder than normal.

February Outlook

February Outlook

Normal snowfall for February is just 7.7 inches.  With 2.5 inches already observed for the month (on February 1st) and several more inches possible Tuesday, we are on track to exceed our February normal snowfall.

The stats sure speak for themselves! It has been a cold and snowy winter…..with no immediate sign of change.



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10 Things You Could Have Done During The Streak Below Zero

We have now gone over 30 hours without seeing a our temperature at or above zero. This isn’t our longest streak for the winter which is at 40 hours set earlier this month, but it is still pretty impressive. If you’re like me, the colder it gets, the less motivated you are to do anything productive. Aside from work, I have closed up shop the past day and a half and gone into hibernation. Here is a look at 10 things we all techincally could have accomplished in the 30 hours we have been below zero. Granted, you’d have to really book it to get a few done, but let’s daydream shall we?10

In 30 hours you could…

1)   Take up a new craft: a recreational pilot’s license can typically be aquired in 30 hours.

2)   If you don’t want to learn how to fly, you could hop on a plane to China, have an authentic Chinese dinner, fly back and still have some time to spare.

3)   Though the weather isn’t ideal… or even remotely near safe, we technically could play 7 straight rounds of of golf (with a beverage and hot dog at each turn).

4)   Feeling really ambitious? 30 hours is long enough to complete an entire semester of one college course.. without the homework, stress and the extracurricular parties.. I mean activities!

5)   Are you a nerd? I am! Shocker right? This would be my pick.. In 20 hours you could watch all six Star Wars films beginning to end. TWICE. May the Force (and many bathroom breaks) be with you.

6)   Want to get a little exercise in with your 30 hours? Take a walk. You would make it all the way to Chicago before you ran out of time.

7)   Don’t want to exercise? Then indulge your sweet tooth. You could bake roughly 180 batches of chocolate chip cookies, and become my new best friend.

8)   You could make $86,000 in 30 hours, if you’re Alex Rodriguez. Wait.. he might not be either! Poor Alex.. but it makes me feel slightly warmer knowing that I’m not missing out!

9)   All you music junkies out there could listen to 600 songs at roughly 3 minutes a piece, or In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida 100 times on a continuous loop.. if you dare.

10)   If I scratch my Star Wars DVDs this is option two. You could drive from Rockford to either Chicago airport, hop on a plane and fly to Orlando. When you arrive, you could drive to Disney World, ride every single attraction in all 4 parks, lay out at the pool for 6 hours to acquire a nice tan (burn), drive back to the Orlando airport and fly home. Though you better be the Mouse’s best friend or good luck with that 3 hour Space Mountain queue line.

So next time we encounter another deep freeze or stretch of bad weather, let’s not be so pessimistic, there is always something to do with our time.

-Greg Bobos


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Winter is Here

Good news, cold weather fans!  Meteorological winter has arrived!  The time frame of meteorological winter is different from astrological winter.  Meteorologists classify the three calendar months with the coldest average temperatures as winter.  Therefore, the entire months of December, January, and February (December 1 through February 28) are considered to be meteorological winter. For statistical and climatological purposes, this makes sense.


Astrological winter—which is what most people follow—arrives on the winter solstice.  This year, astrological winter begins on December 21 at 11:11am CST.

What can we expect during the winter months?

December’s average high temperature slides from the upper 30s to near 30 by the end of the month. On average, 11.3 inches of snow falls throughout the month.


January is our coldest month of the year. Average highs are in the upper 20s. Average snowfall is 10.2 inches.


February’s average high is around 30 degrees at the start of the month and rises to 40 degrees by the end of the month.  Average February snowfall is 7.7 inches.


So on average, about 30 inches of snow falls during meteorological winter with a seasonal average high temperature around 32 degrees.

Of course, these are just statistical averages.  We all know high temperatures can and will be in the single digits on a few days; other days will bring temperatures that are well above average. Below zero temperatures are not uncommon either. Snow storms can often bring a month’s worth of snow in just one or two days time.

No need to panic, though.  Significant snow accumulations are not in the short-term forecast. Although next weekend will be downright chilly!



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48 Hours Drop-Off

An aggressive cold front is headed our way, and we will feel the brunt of the chill as we head into the weekend. The front passes through on Friday and will steadily lower of temps a few degrees every few hours until we end up in the upper teens by late Saturday. It will take us until Monday to make it back into the 30s. – Greg 1


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Washington Tornado: EF-4

The National Weather Service has completed a preliminary survey of the damaged caused by yesterday’s tornado in Washington, IL. The results have lead the weather service to categorize the twister as an EF-4, the second strongest classification. This particular tornado is believed to have had wind speeds between 170-190mph. Here are the criteria for an EF-4.  24We will keep you posted as more develops! -Greg


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The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

The next 7 days will bring us some very good weather, some very bad weather and some potentially ugly weather. Let’s start with the good, which includes temperatures in the mid 50s on Saturday and highs reaching near 60 on Sunday!1 The bad… another cold blast is poised to make it here in time fore the beginning of the new work week. Temperatures slide back into the 40s for Monday and we are back in the 30s by Tuesday. 2Now for the ugly, precipitation is possible both this weekend and early next week. I say precipitation, because both kinds are possible. Scattered showers are a good bet on your Sunday, with some early week snow possibly in the cards on both Monday and Tuesday. 3Stay tuned for more solidified precip outlooks as we head toward the weekend. – Greg


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Quick Tips to Save $$$

We just wrapped up our second straight night in the 20s. Our temperatures will moderate over the weekend, however we are in for our coldest night so far this season as we look into the middle of next week. It’s that time of the year when we have to crank up the heat and the bills start to sky rocket. Here are a few tips/reminders that could save some extra cash as we make it into the holiday season.

living room

– Make sure all windows are tightly secured: Even the smallest gap could let in a lot of cold air!

– Close the vents in spare rooms, then shut the door: This will keep all the heat focussed in the main living areas and save money by not heating non-used space.

– Put throw rugs down on wooden floors to keep the feet warm, and of course light up a fire if you have a fireplace. We lose most of our body heat through our feet and our heads so keeping those areas warm will help insulate your whole body!

– Use the oven! The heat from cooking will go a long way to warming up the house. After you’re done cooking, turn off the oven and leave it cracked open to let all that extra warmth into your home.




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November: Big Changes Ahead

The tricks and treats have come and gone, and now it is time to dig into one of the most transitional months of the year, November. 2We will go from an average high temperature of 56 to a high of 39 degrees. Our daylight will also diminish pretty quickly, by the end of the month we will only see daylight for just over 9 hours a day. Many people look forward to this month because it is the start of the holiday season and Thanksgiving is just mere weeks away. However for other folks, this just means that we are now only 54 days away from Christmas! With all that in mind, enjoy your November and the beginning of the holiday season. – Greg3


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When’s the Warmth Coming?

Anyone else sick of this cold weather yet?? If you are, some relief is finally in sight, though it is still a few days away.Capture1 The jetstream has moved into the southern states and has brought well below average temperatures to nearly the entire northern half of the US. This cold air will retreat once the jet decides to meander back to the north, which will take place heading into the weekend. Highs will top out at 50 degrees on both Saturday and Sunday and climb into the mid to upper 50s by Monday and Tuesday. Believe it or not, the upper 50s is right around where we are supposed to be at this time of the year. – GregCapture2


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