Reduced Visibilities Right Now

With a light and variable wind (generally under 5mph) and breaks in the cloud cover, some patchy dense fog has developed over parts of northwestern Illinois.  All of us will see some reduced visibilities under 5 miles throughout the morning.  Some areas near Freeport and Dixon have reported under 1/2 mile visibilities at times.  Take it slow if you are driving through dense fog, and use your low beams!



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Dense fog forming

Areas of dense fog have formed across Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. For that reason, a Dense Fog Advisory has been posted for Rock and Walworth Counties until 4am Thursday morning. Use caution if you’re traveling late tonight! -ES


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Fog: Trouble for Monday morning’s commute

Visibilities have been quickly falling across Northern Illinois as the airmass cools to saturation. We’re down to 1.5 miles here in Rockford but the outlying areas are worse.

Coupled with this fog are temperatures below freezing. This will create some thick frost (hoarfrost) and some slick spots on area roads. Please use extra caution tonight and early Monday morning.

While we do not have a Dense Fog Advisory or a Freezing Fog Advisory, it may be needed as the fog thickens. There are still some pretty decent 5-10mph breezes which could keep this from becoming a pea-soup type of event. -ES


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Very Foggy Groundhog Day

A dense fog advisory is in effect until 3:00pm for Winnebago, Lee, Ogle, DeKalb, Boone and McHenry. Everyone else is in effect until 2:00pm. Visibility is less than a quarter mile.  This combined with temperatures below freezing is creating poor road conditions due to the fog producing a light glaze over roadways, parking lots, sidewalks and cars.  Please allow extra time for your morning commute.  The fog will burn off by late this morning to reveal mostly sunny skies by this afternoon.


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Dense Fog Advisory

A Dense Fog Advisory is in effect for the entire viewing area until 10:00 a.m. this morning.  Areas of very dense fog developed early this morning creating poor visibility of a half mile or less at times.  Subfreezing temperatures are also causing problems.  It is allowing the moisture in the fog is freezing on contact and we have heard reports of light freezing drizzle.  This will produce slick roadways and walking surfaces, so please allow extra time during your morning commute.  Conditions will start to improve later this morning and by this afternoon, we’ll get to see a little bit of sunshine as temperatures rise into the mid and upper 30s.


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Rain & Snow for Us; Severe Thunderstorms South


It’s been an interesting and active evening for meteorologists across the United States!  Severe thunderstorms associated with a vigorous low pressure system have affected the mid South, extending north into Illinois and Indiana.  A handful of tornado warnings were issued for parts of Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi, with at least one touchdown.  Thunderstorms (not severe) were even reported as far north as Joliet and Chicago! 


For Rockford, fog and drizzle will stick around with temperatures steady in the middle 30s.   Rain showers will develop throughout the overnight hours over Missouri and Iowa and will drift east.  Rain will be mainly light to moderate.   Thunderstorm activity should stay off to the south and east; however, a few rumbles of thunder can’t be ruled out (especially areas of southern Lee, DeKalb, and LaSalle County).  Rain will switch over to snow near sunrise on Monday and temperatures will tumble into the 20s during the day.  Snow accumulations will be less than 1 inch.  A wind out of the west at 15-25mph with higher gusts will cause some blowing snow and drifting on roadways, especially in rural areas.  -JA


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Fog and Rain Affecting the Morning Commute

As you head out and about today, either commuting to work or getting an early start for your holiday travel plans, be advised that foggy conditions are creating visibilities under 1 mile in some locations.  If you are headed off to the southeast, including the Chicagoland area, a Dense Fog Advisory is in effect until 10:00am.  The advisory does include DeKalb County and points south and east.  Although not under any advisories, low visibilities have been occurring in Rockford all morning and will still affect the roads.  Our conditions will improve throughout the day and we may even see a few peaks of sunshine just before your evening commute.  Be careful and use your fog lamps if you are out on the roads and highways this morning!  The fog may reform for your Thursday morning; we will keep you up to date.  -JA


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Keep those umbrellas handy

Totals as of 11:30am

Our storm system will continue to push light to moderate rainfall into our area throughout the day and into the evening hours.

Pockets of heavy rainfall have already pushed some of our rainfall totals to more than an inch.   This system is not moisture starved and will likely produce another inch or more of rainfall when this is all said and done. We are also noticing an area of patchy fog that is limiting visibility to less than a mile in some places.  Just keep this in mind if you are
headed out today.

Our rain chances will start to diminish later this evening with the passing of a cold front.  You might see a few light showers early Thursday morning; however, most of us will just see mostly cloudy skies. Temperatures will drop throughout Thursday, starting in the lower 40s that morning and ending into the mid 30s by that afternoon.

Ohh… and don’t forget to send in your rainfall totals to


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Fog: How Does it Work?

If you woke up Thanksgiving morning in the Rockford region and thought you’d see a little sunshine, I could imagine you were not too happy when you saw the gray, gloomy skies.  The air temperatures and dew point temperatures leveled off, resulting in the fog that enveloped the Rock River Valley.  In some areas, visibilities were under one mile.  The National Weather Service considers any visibility under one-quarter mile to be hazardous.

Fog, while similar in form to a stratus cloud, is low lying and very near the Earth’s surface.  When the air temperatures and dew point temperatures are typically within 3° or 4° of each other (relative humidity nearing 100%), the lower atmosphere becomes saturated with moisture.  Fog tends to form when a cool, stable air mass is trapped underneath a warm air mass.  The moisture in the atmosphere begins to condense as tiny water vapor particles attach themselves to tiny dust and ice particles that are in the air.  The result is a rather stable cloud mass of water droplets suspended in the air near the surface, which we call fog.

During foggy conditions, especially when there will be a lot of holiday travelers on the road, it is important to remember to use extra caution while driving.  Turn your fog lamps on.  Make sure you slow down while at intersections, as it may be tough to view any oncoming traffic lights.  Lastly, don’t forget to give yourself plenty of time to arrive at your destination.   -JA


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Foggy Wednesday Morning

Many of us dealt with patchy fog this morning and some had it really bad. A Dense Fog Advisory was issued to the west in Jo Daviess, Carroll, and Whiteside counties very early this morning.  This happened thanks to the perfect combination of a few patches of clear skies, light winds and our recent rainfall.  The conditions got worse as you headed west into Eastern Iowa.  The graphic is a snapshot of the conditions around 8:00 a.m. this morning.  The good thing is since we will have a few breaks in our cloud cover, it will help burn off the fog by later this morning.


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