High and Dry

If you woke up this morning and didn’t know the date, you would never guess that we are heading into the middle of October, would you? We are once again seeing high temperatures well above average. The high on this date should clock in at 66°, however, we are likely to jump close to 10 degrees warmer than that. Low to middle 70s can be expected through the end of the week. 1The other feature that isn’t going away anytime soon is the amount of sunshine we will get. Today will remain crystal clear, and though a few clouds will creep in the next several days, the big change won’t come until the weekend when a cold front arrives and brings with it the chance for rain. We can thank high pressure for keeping the clouds away, and the jetstream for keeping the cool air trapped our northwest. – Greg2


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Strong storm system will bring an end to our summer weather

1Tuesday brought temperatures in the middle 80s to Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Paired with sunshine, it’s hard to beat this weather…especially considering our next 80 degree temperatures are likely more than six months away! We’ll still be very nice heading into Wednesday with highs in the lower 80s. Thursday and Friday’s upper 70s are still well above the seasonal norm of 69 degrees.

This is the weather map for Sunday though. Get ready for a significant chill! 2Temperatures won’t likely get above 55 degrees Sunday afternoon, even with a fair amount of sunshine! The Dakotas will stay in the 40s during the daytime! Believe it or not, this is closer to normal than the 80s we had on Tuesday. But as things change, we could get quite a bit of rainfall, and possible thunderstorms.

As low pressure ejects out of the Rockies, it will deepen. The track takes the low from Colorado toward Minnesota, putting us solidly in the warm sector. A broad southerly wind will pump in ample moisture from the Gulf of Mexico with dewpoints expected to surge into at least the middle 60s for our area. 3Depending on the timing of the cold front, we could be in a risk area for possible severe thunderstorms on Friday. However, the way things look right now, the higher threat will remain across Iowa and Southern Minnesota. Friday Night Football could be in jeopardy once again with a decent chance of lightning. Greg, Joe, and I will keep you updated right here over the next few days. -Eric

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October Heat

We end this September with highs in the mid 70s, a very respectable way to go out, and well above average. However, tomorrow will bring in the month of October with even warmer temperatures! We are shooting for highs in the low to mid 80s with bright blue sky all day long. CaptureThis will by far be the warmest October 1st in the past 5 years, and only the second one with an above average high temperature. There is a good bet that we will get a double dose of the 80s before cooler air pushes in late this week. -Greg


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End of the 90s for 2013?

CaptureRockford’s high temperature today soared to 96 degrees. That was enough to tie a record dating back to 1931 and is also the hottest temperature seen this year (also the high on August 30th).

From here on out this week, we’ll see a drastic change in our pattern. Instead of a strong southwesterly wind, we’ll see a direct link from the cold high-latitudes of Canada! Capture2Get ready for a few nights in the 40s as well! Perfect for camping this weekend or even the backyard bonfire.

We won’t go directly into fall however. Our models show a few more 80s in our future…possibly corresponding to the last few days of Summer, in the 6-10 day range. -Eric


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Heat: Not as brutal on Tuesday

Even though some schools will see early-dismissals, the weather may be just a hair less extreme as it was on Monday. Here’s what we’re talking about.

Our high temperature on Monday was 94 degrees and we’re forecasting the heat to be equally unbearable on Tuesday. However, dew points will be lower and a southwesterly wind will blow 15-25mph. This could keep us just under 100 for heat index values (opposed to Dixon’s 111 Monday afternoon).


Still, it will be hot. Don’t overdo yourself! -Eric


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Late Summer 90s?

Tomorrow a brief flash of heat could take our high temperatures into the upper 80s and knock on the door of 90° for what would be the 12th time this year. 1The odds for a 90 degree high temperature look more promising for areas Rockford on south due to an approaching cold front from the north that will increase cloud cover in the afternoon and bring the chance for isolated thunderstorms late afternoon into the evening. We have another shot at a 90 degree next Tuesday, before a stretch of cooler air will slowly bring temperatures back into the low to middle 80s. -Greg


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Sweat to shivers, then back again

Capture2The heat index on Friday surged into the 110s on Friday before a series of cold fronts brought us back to reality over the weekend.

Temperatures will fall into the 40s by early Tuesday morning. Our projected low temperature of 46 degrees is as cold as it’s been since June 3rd! Here’s a look at Futuretrack for the early morning hours. Along with the chilly temps, there will be a chance for some patchy thick fog. But the fog will burn off pretty quickly with the strong sunshine Tuesday morning.

Capture2We’ll be seasonable for much of our workweek. However, there are signs we could be into another heat wave of sorts by the weekend. We’re forecasting temperatures to near 90 for Saturday. However, the pattern for the weekend into next week will bring us some scattered thunderstorm activity…and the potential to catch up on some much-needed rainfall!


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Heat Advisory


UPDATED at 1pm:  A Heat Advisory is in effect for most of our area, including Rockford. The heat and humidity will combine to create oppresively hot conditions area-wide, especially from late morning through early evening. Locally, our high temperatures will range from 92 to 99 degrees. Peak heat index values will top out in the low-to-mid 100s.  A few isolated spots could climb into the  low 110s for a time, especially for areas west of Interstate 39.


The Heat Advisory is in effect from 11am to 7pm Friday for the following Illinois counties:

  • Carroll
  • Jo Daviess
  • Lee
  • Ogle
  • Stephenson
  • Whiteside
  • Winnebago

The Heat Advisory is in effect from 11am to 6pm Friday for the following Wisconsin counties:

  • Green
  • Rock
  • Walworth

For tips to stay cool and beat the heat, click HERE.  -Joe


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The End is in Sight

Our heat wave continues today, though some cloud cover and last night’s cool front have helped keep things a bit less abrasive. CaptureThe 90s will return Fri-Sun, but a big cool down is just on the other side of those 90s. By Tuesday our high temperatures will struggle to make it into the upper 70s! If you are a fan of the heat then soak in these next few days, if not, then just wait them out because it will be cool again in no time. -GregCapture2


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We are on day two this late August heat wave, and many signs point to it lasting until the beginning of the new month. Our hot pattern will hang with us until the beginning of next week when a cooler air mass takes over and takes our temperatures back to more tolerable levels. 1Today straight through Monday will be in the 90s with heat index values climbing even higher. If you enjoy the heat and sunshine then soak it in because this could be our last heat wave of 2013. -Greg


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