Wintry mix hits Stateline tomorrow

March 2, 2015: A complex winter storm will hit the Stateline very early Tuesday morning and provide a variety of precipitation, making roads slippery during the morning commute.  A Winter Weather Advisory will be in effect, highlighting when the icy precipitation will occur (3 AM to noon Tuesday).

Tuesday's Winter Weather Advisory

Tuesday’s Winter Weather Advisory

A warm front will help generate the precipitation, and as the air becomes increasingly warmer with the new air mass pushing in, the precipitation type will change throughout the day.

futuretrack 2

Futuretrack for early Tuesday morning

Basically, the further south you go, the more warm air will be available above the ground to generate sleet and freezing rain.


Precipitation will change from snow to freezing rain the farther south you go tomorrow, as you are getting closer to the warm front.

As a result, the snow forecast drops off from north to south. North of I-88 will see the most snow, while south of I-80 will see the most freezing rain and sleet. In between is where the most mixing of precipitation types will occur.

snow forecast

Precipitation changes from snow to freezing rain the father south you go, resulting in less snow but more ice.

Regardless of what’s falling tomorrow, allow extra time to get to your destination.  That means you can drive slower, increasing stopping time and distance between vehicles and avoiding any issues on the slick roads. This may mean leaving home earlier than usual or arriving to work or school later than usual, so plan accordingly.

Allow extra time to reach your destination.

Allow extra time to reach your destination.

By Tuesday afternoon, most of the frozen precipitation will be over, with rain either mixing in or completely taking over. Watch out for icy and slushy spots, but conditions should improve through the afternoon.



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Say It Ain’t Snow!

All eyes have been on a system approaching this weekend that’s set to bring us measurable snowfall.

The timing of this system seems to be pretty consistent among forecasting models. Snow should start moving into the Stateline on Saturday evening, and  continue to give us snow throughout Sunday morning, afternoon, and even through the evening. However, by the time we head into Sunday evening, we’re talkin’ light snow. Which leads me to the next point- when are we talking the heaviest snow? Starting at 12AM Sunday (midnight Saturday) and lasting through lunch on Sunday is when we’ll see the heaviest snowfall across the Stateline.

1-30-15 tiome








We won’t be seeing the heaviest snowfall out of the system. The bulk of the precipitation stays to our south, keeping us out of the “bullseye.” But don’t put the shovels away just yet! I’m anticipating 2-4″ of snow to fall across the Stateline, with places along I-88 to fall on the higher end of that spectrum. We cool down to the single digits overnight on Sunday, making way for icy conditions on your Monday commute.

1-30-15 expect








Stick with us throughout this evening and through the weekend as we continue to track this system!


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Flooding Concerns

Even though we’ve got chilly temperatures for the next day or so, minor flooding will cause a few headaches this week. As the ground thawed out and much of our snowpack melted off last week, area creeks and rivers have been on the rise. Luckily, we’ve had a slow thaw and very little rain to agitate our waterways. Nonetheless, creeks and rivers have filled their banks in many spots, even flowing over their banks in others.

Washed out road in Ogle County

Washed out road in Ogle County

As the ice continues to break up, ice jam flooding will be a concern. Ice jam flooding can last a short amount of time or several hours and often comes with very short notice.

Ice jam along the Rock River

Ice jam along the Rock River

Flood warnings and advisories are posted for the Rock River in Ogle, Lee & Whiteside County. Minor flooding is also occurring along the Pecatonica River in Winnebago & Stephenson County. Smaller rivers and creeks have also been affected, including Turtle Creek near Beloit, Yellow Creek near Pearl City and Killbuck Creek near Lindenwood.

Minor flooding is forecast

Minor flooding is forecast

The National Weather Service offers river gauge and water level data for waterways throughout our region. Click on these links to monitor your local creeks and rivers:

With more melting expected for this upcoming week, minor flooding may continue. -Joe


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Freezing Rain Advisory

Update on road conditions for your Friday morning commute and latest thinking concerning the Winter Storm Watch that’s in effect for Saturday night-Sunday. -Eric


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Round One Tonight

Our first of two winter systems will arrive this evening into the overnight. A freezing rain advisory is in effect tonight into tomorrow morning. We could see 0.1″ of ice accumulation, which isn’t much, but could be just enough to glaze over many roadways heading into the late hours of tonight, and the morning commute. We will start off late this afternoon into the evening with rain that will slowly transition into freezing rain from west to east by midnight. Untitled

Early tomorrow morning, we will see that freezing rain become mixed with snow flakes. Southern Wisconsin could pick up roughly an inch of snow accumulation, with Northern Illinois not seeing much that will stick. All the activity pushes out by mid afternoon tomorrow. A brief calm period settles in tomorrow afternoon into early Saturday. -GregTHU



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Light Snow on Monday

Light snow showers will develop in eastern Iowa before sunrise on Monday. The snow showers will continue to develop and push east into northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin throughout the morning.  Even though this system is very limited with moisture, minor snow accumulations are likely.  Precipitation estimates remain below one-tenth of an inch.  The result will be light coating of snow, perhaps up to an inch in spots.  South of Interstate 88 may only see a dusting.

The intensity of the snow will be light, but a quick burst of moderate snow is not out of the question.  With a brisk southwest wind—sustained between 10 and 20mph and gusting up to 30mph—there may be some short-lived visibility issues.  Also with gusty wind comes the concern of blowing snow.  Although the accumulations will be minor, blowing snow may cause icy patches on some roads.  High temperatures will reach the lower 30s by Monday afternoon while any lingering snow showers should clear the area by then, if not sooner.  Patchy (freezing) drizzle may develop late afternoon and early evening in advance of an approaching cold front.



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Winter Weather Advisory

A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for Winnebago, Boone, Lee, Ogle, DeKalb Jo Daviess, Stephenson, Carroll and Whiteside Counties. A snow/freezing/sleet event moves into the Stateline this morning which could bring 1-2″ of snowfall accumulation as well as minor ice accumulations. Roadways this morning and early afternoon could have icy and slick spots so take caution when heading out today. Most of the snow accumulation add up this morning and early afternoon. -Greg2


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A Little Freezing Rain to Rain

As moisture develops and moves in from the southwest, a brief period of freezing rain is possible on Sunday morning.  In fact, scattered pockets of light freezing rain mixed with sleet will move into the area as early as midnight.  A Freezing Rain Advisory takes effect in Green, Rock & Walworth County in Wisconsin at 6am and lasts through 12noon. 

Generally, little to no ice accumulation is anticipated.  Even the advisory areas in southern Wisconsin can expect less than 0.1″ of ice.  Along the I-88 corridor in northern Illinois, the threat for frozen precipitation will come to an end first, as temperatures warm above freezing around the 7am hour.  In the Rockford area and locations along the US 20 corridor, temperatures should rise above freezing around the 8am hour.  Following suit, southern Wisconsin will rise above freezing around the 9am hour.

Once temperatures rise, our attention turns to just plain rain.  Our FutureTrack Rainfall model is cranking out around 0.50″ of rain through Sunday evening.  However, since rainfall will be scattered in nature and intensity, 0.25″-0.50″ is the rainfall range for our local area.  This very dynamic system even includes the chance for a rumble or two of thunder!

By Sunday evening, our chance for rain decreases quickly.  Widely scattered rain showers mixed with a few wet snowflakes are possible after midnight.



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Freezing Rain Advisory

Last night all of Southern Wisconsin was under either a winter weather advisory or a winter storm warning. This morning, a freezing rain advisory has been issued until 10am for Winnebago, Boone, Ogle, Lee and DeKalb counties. In the next few hours ice accumulations of 0.1″ are possible in these areas. This could making driving hazardous with the threat of black ice. Many roads that appear to be wet may actually be frozen over into ice. Neighborhood roads and sidewalks will likely be frozen as well. -Greg


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Rain, Sleet, Snow: But Where?

Location. Location. Location.  It matters!  A wintry system headed toward the Stateline overnight and Thursday will bring rain, freezing rain, sleet, and snow.  However, not all of us will see all of these different types of precipitation.

A Winter Storm Warning takes effect in Rock & Walworth County at 6am Thursday and last through Thursday night.  A Winter Weather Advisory takes effect in Green County at 6pm Wednesday and lasts through 6pm Thursday.  A Winter Storm Watch is in effect for McHenry County for Thursday.

Areas under a warning or advisory have the greatest potential for accumulating snow and accumulating ice, especially the further north you go.  The bulk of the precipitation will begin after midnight.  With temperatures hovering a couple of degrees below freezing, sleet and freezing rain will be a concern in Wisconsin.  During the day Thursday, a good 2 to 4 inches of snow is possible in Wisconsin.  Localized 5 or 6 inch amounts are not out of the question.

For Rockford and most of northern Illinois, precipitation is likely to fall in the form of rain.  Some sleet/freezing rain is possible at the onset of precipitation overnight.  However, rain is expected through much of Thursday morning through about the noon hour.  Rain will quickly change to snow afternoon.  A brief period of heavy snow is possible, with perhaps an inch or two in metro Rockford.  Snow accumulations to the south and southwest of Rockford will be very minimal (dusting to half an inch).  The Thursday evening commute may prove to be a bit difficult.

For more information and a look at some of our model data, check out this blog post HERE.



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